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Weatherspoon is a patent and trademark attorney specializing in patent and trademark law with over 15 years’ experience practicing patent law in both technological and pharmaceutical industries and critical to the next evolution of the cannabis industry. He has an impressive career spanning major cities such as Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Houston, and globally, including China. Mr. Weatherspoon has experience advising on the growth of companies globally and is a partner with the cross-border accelerator VesaliuX. He is licensed in D.C. and Maryland and a registered U.S. patent attorney; and possesses a doctorate in pharmacology from George Washington University, juris doctor in intellectual property law from George Mason University and bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Duke University. Of the new role in an emerging industry and relationship, Mr. Weatherspoon states that, “It is a real honor and privilege to be joining TCMS Global. Larisa Bolivar and Noel Billingsley are already recognized for their unparalleled leadership, expertise, experience and excellent service to their clients in the cannabis industry, and TCMS Global is a true full-service cannabis consulting firm. I am very fortunate to be joining such an incredible team.” Mr. Weatherspoon’s services that TCMS Global will be adding to its current suite of business strategy and development consulting services, include licensing of intellectual property rights, trade secret protection, IP due diligence, freedom-to-operate analysis, compliance with FDA labeling requirements, strategic partnerships/joint ventures/collaboration agreements, risk mitigation strategies, trademark protection, I.T.C.

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