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Here are some the other times Pruitt was involved in cases against the EPA: 2015: Pruitt filed a lawsuit in Tulsa federal court against the EPA over its Clean Water Rule, which defined the jurisdiction of waters in the United States protected under the Clean Water Act . The Clean Water Rule, as stated on the EPA's website , protects streams, wetlands and waters that are next to rivers and lakes. "This regulation usurps the States authority over its land and water use, and triggers numerous and costly obligations under the Act for the State and its citizens," the complaint reads. In February 2016, an Oklahoma judge dismissed the case. 2013: Pruitt, along with 11 other Republican attorneys general from different states, sued the EPA in July asking the agency to fulfill a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Pruitt and the other AGs accused the agency of withholding documents that they say show the EPA and environmental groups working together as part of a sue and settle scheme so that regulations can be made. Pruitt filed the multistate lawsuit in Oklahoma City. The EPA's then-press secretary provided a statement to Fox News denying the allegations: "We have no input or control over what parties sue us or what issues they focus on." The case was thrown out in December 2013. 2011: In May, Pruitt filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma against the EPA over its rejection of an Oklahoma plan to clear regional haze, or emissions, from the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. In 2013, The Associated Press reported, a three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Pruitts challenge.

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.>Nowadays, people usually only go to jail for tax evasion, or the wilful exercise of not paying taxes on money earned. Tax lawyers can also assist you if you have unpaid federal income taxes or state income taxes and want to negotiate a payment plan or an offer in compromise with the IRS or your state's Department of Revenue. The most important attribute of a good tax attorney is to be “creative” with the tax law. Some actions by the IRS can be stopped, or alternative solutions can be agreed upon, but you will need the services of experienced tax attorneys for a speedy solution. What can I do? He will have read tax articles and books that deal with the tax statute. Often times, achieving a successful outcome in an IRS case hinges upon the discretion of the individuals who are assigned to the case within the IRS. INCOME TAX Lawyer and Law Firm Search As a Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant, I am well versed in the procedural and substantive tax rules necessary to successfully represent clients involved in IRS litigation, IRS audits, Foreign Bank Account Reporting bar, collection matters, and criminal investigations. Our clients value our unique legal experience, and the opportunity to maintain a personal and attentive relationship with their respected New York Tax lawyers. If not, can the attorney refer you to another tax attorney who can help you? Can I go to jail for owing back taxes? Technical research includes: determining Congressional intent from the legislative history of the tax law; a search and analysis of the provisions of the applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury tax regulations, IRS revenue rulings, private letter rulings and procedures and the IRS administrative procedures and guidelines..

Harness the “good will” and inside knowledge of a former IRS Chief Counsel attorney. Currently Not Collectible - When the taxpayer cannot afford to pay the IRS monies due to a lack of assets and low income or no income recently laid off due to current economy then the IRS will deem the taxpayer Currently Not Collectible and agree that their tax liability will be waive for the time being. Confront and argue with IRS agents, supervisors, and conferees. The Offer in Compromise IC process is long and difficult, and the Internal Revenue Service rejects the great majority of the offers it receives.